WIS World Mental Health Day 2022


Last October 10, 2022, to support the Philippine Mental Health Association Batangas Chapter, the WIS-Guild of Aspiring Psychologists proudly joined the celebration of World Mental Health Day 2022 with the theme “Make Mental Health & Well-being for All a Global Priority”. This event aims to stop mental health stigma and strengthened the awareness. Let us work together to spread awareness about mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health. Always remember that your mental health matters, your story matters and You are not alone. The Psychology students actively wore their outfits with any hint of blue accompanied by blue flaglets with a caption in support of the #LightUpBlueforMentalHealth campaign of the Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. and Philippine Mental Health Association Batangas Chapter. Psychology Students offered free hugs to the passers-by. In addition, some of them make an art regarding mental health. Psychology students from both face-to-face and online setups shared photos remarking their support for PMHA.As aspiring mental health professionals, let us start the change that we want to see, starting to be kind to ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally. Happy World Mental Health Day, Westmeadians and Psych babies! #WorldMentalHealth #LightUpBlueForMentalHealth #WMHD2022 #PMHA