Joanie is the child of Frankie, an individual mama away from home from the girl In-Laws after the girl husband’s

Joanie is the child of Frankie, an individual mama away from home from the girl In-Laws after the girl husband’s

death during period 1. While Frankie is aided by Alan and Charlie at their house, Joanie developed an immediate crush on Jake. She tried to follow their crush by playing games with Jake, and achieving equivalent selection of meal as their. Jake, but would not get back her attitude, when Joanie kissed your bye, the guy responded by “Oh people phrendly free app!” and cleansing this lady kissed spot from his hand.

Unseen during the series, Robin Newberry was a classmate of Jake in season 3. She got a crush on Jake, revealing their attitude by giving him cupcakes. Jake looked to Charlie for guidance regarding the proper feedback, to which Charlie advised your to enjoy the cupcakes without any obligation to including the girl right back. Alan thought about it a wrong advice, and questioned Jake not to ever achieve this. Jake went on to be exclusive with Robin to get day-to-day cupcakes. Whenever Robin dumped him, he learned to bake cupcakes themselves.

Another unseen dynamics, Wendy had been Jake’s first real girlfriend. First-mentioned by Jake given that smartest woman within his class, their unique commitment started at Wendy’s celebration in month 3’s ‘only once With Aunt Sophie’ after Charlie offered Jake suggestions about how to approach her. She left him in month 4’s ‘A cooking pot cigarette Monkey’; due to the differences in her educational performance.

Observed in month 4’s ‘Release the Dogs’, Taylor was actually a friend of Jake’s on who he previously a crush on. The guy welcomed the lady complete for a play date. But their partnership was made embarrassing when Charlie fulfill and went with Taylor’s mom Kelly, despite the reality he’d promised Jake or else.

Offered in period 4’s ‘Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous’, Sophie could be the daughter of Greg, Alan’s gay buddy. The two try used by their unique mothers on films and boating. Sophie try proved to be keen on Jake as well, as she freely desires kiss him, but Jake’s shortage of intelligence stops they. They apparently quit watching each other because Jake accused Alan of “breaking with” Greg after the second receive Charlie “attractive.”

Called the ‘hottest lady in Jake’s class’, Nicole was talked about in period 5’s ‘Kinda Like Necrophilia’. Jake asks the lady around when Charlie advises very, and although initially mislead regarding which he was, Nicole accepts going with Jake. In season 7’s ‘Fart Jokes, cake And Celeste’, a lady described just as Nicole phone calls Jake and invites him right down to the pier after she hears he dumped Celeste. Truly unidentified if this sounds like Nicole O’Malley; Jake informs Alan he does not see just who she actually is, but it’s possible the guy merely does not keep in mind this lady. In season 7’s ‘Tinkle like a Princess’, Jake sometimes appears on Charlie’s deck with a lady called Nicole, exactly who claimed these people were online dating but their unidentified if she is the exact same Nicole.

Celeste was actually Jake’s first sweetheart who lasted only a little longer than people. She was first presented in period 6, whenever she moved in with her dad in Charlie’s district. Afterwards, Jake is out on a romantic date along with her. She later on appears in season 7, once seen managing Jake, and later breaking-off with your whenever Jake cheats with her during Christmas, though that has been as a result of Charlie’s sick recommendations.

Two various women revealed during month 8, truly very likely that Jake got his first sex relation using them. Caught sneaking out from Charlie’s residence 1st, they truly are afterwards observed by Charlie sneaking out from Judith’s room also, implying that Jake had been with them both.

Megan try launched in period 8, who is with Jake, but simply leaves presumably because Charlie’s drunken

behavior. She later appears in Season 9 after Charlie’s demise as Jake’s chemistry tutor in Thank You When it comes to Intercourse, and relatively becomes drawn to Walden, nevertheless when she couldn’t become him, she shows alike thoughts to Jake. They seemingly start a relationship. It is assumed that she and Jake are no lengthier collectively, as he had sex with a older woman named Jennifer in “Not within my throat!”.

A bubbly lady exactly who stays in Zoey’s building, who looks in “maybe not in my own throat!”. Walden tries to start a brand new connection with her after Zoey would not your he cherished the woman. The guy lead the lady to the coastline residence attain better familiar with ber but she unintentionally moved in on a discussion he was having with Zoey via FaceTime. Jake try quickly smitten together and consist about their era in an effort to bring close to her. In an unexplained step, the guy sooner or later sleeps together with her (offscreen) whilst grownups have ended and informs a buddy (perhaps Eldridge) over the phone which they have intercourse five times in a 30 minute course, declaring that it is the very best half hour of his lives. This can only mean that he pre-ejaculated many times.

Old Jake. They split because Jake believed to the woman that this woman is older.

In You Know What The Lollipop is actually for whenever Missi visits Walden’s beach household, Jake returns for one sunday on seashore home and he right away come to be contemplating Missi. They walk around when you look at the seashore and they kissed. They’ve got sex and Jake believes he and she began a relationship, until Missi discloses that this lady has a boyfriend so that they broke up. Missi re-appears in prevent the Chinese Mustard when they comeback along, but Jake is actually obligated to return to the army, so Jake planned to get away with her because he thinks they like both, but they separated once more because Missi cannot claim that she appreciated your.

A 36 yr old woman that Jake came across when he went into a tat shop, known as Tammy’s Tatties, had by Tammy

Ashley are Tammy’s 18 year-old daughter, which Jake duped on Tammy with. Tammy gets furious and confronts Jake, but Ashley afterwards shows up and reunites with him. She renders at the conclusion of the occurrence when she believes to marry their elderly ex-boyfriend aided by the hope of another car. She’s portrayed by Emily Osment.

Note: During the occurrence, Walden refers to Ashley as “Hannah Montana.” Emily Osment had a primary role on Hannah Montana playing Lily Truscott. She co-starred combined with Miley Cyrus, which starred Missi in “you will do understand what The Lollipop’s For” and “Avoid The Chinese Mustard.”

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