College of Tourism & Hospitality Management


The College of Tourism & Hospitality Management (CTHM) of Westmead International School envisions itself as an institution of higher education committed to the development of future professionals who will contribute to the growth of a dynamic tourism and hospitality sector.

Goals & Objectives

The college is committed to the development of graduates who can work effectively as managers of tourism and hospitality industry. The program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide students strong theoretical and practical training for management and entrepreneurial roles in the hospitality  and tourism industry;
  • To develop future hospitality leaders and professionals through practical training and education while building, understanding goodwill and friendship;
  • To promote knowledge and skills in developing network opportunities in hospitality and tourism linkages throughout the world;
  • To continuously involve  the CTHM faculty members in the hospitality industry through active research programs as well as regular involvement with industry firms and professional organizations
  • To promote the quality classroom instruction and complement it with seminars, workshops, and experiences that will maximize the quality of curriculum that conforms to the present changes of hospitality industry
  • To meet the demands of the hospitality industry by preparing individuals for effective job performance in the industry;
  • To establish linkages with international training experts that will continuously upgrade the qualifications of both faculty and graduates