Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Castor

Dr. Arlene D. Castor

President & CEO

Dr. Marites D. Manlongat

Dean of Student Affairs

Prof. Antonio Maligaya

SA Coordinator / SC Adviser

Ms. Shaira Ilagan

2021-2023 Student Council President

The School endeavors to provide holistic formation to all the students by developing the full potential of the individual through various student development programs and services. These are being handled and offered by the offices under Student Affairs.

Vision  – Mission

A leading learner-centered student affairs and development resource committed to the holistic formation of Westmedians integrating faith-life, leadership, and community engagement, towards social transformation

 Strategic Objectives
  •  Student Formation and Development

Form and develop Westmedians who are socially engaged and service-oriented leaders

  1. Ensure relevance and responsiveness of our student formation and development programs to the needs of our students in a dynamic society
  2. Develop and implement a standard assessment tool that measures the effectiveness of all student formation and development programs.
  • Student Support and Services

Provide efficient and effective student support services

  1. Foster a nurturing environment in the delivery of student support services
  2. Strengthen collaboration with our internal and external partners in continuously improving our student support services
  3. Standardize and implement a feedback mechanism that measures the satisfaction of our stakeholders
  • Student Affairs Research and Technology Development

Nurture a research culture that aims to develop technologies on student affairs

  1. Strengthen capabilities of Student Affairs personnel in conducting action researches
  2. Contribute to the body of knowledge on Student Affairs that will help improve the quality of student life in the Philippines

Core Competence

Student Affairs will be known for and distinguished by:

  • Providing resource and consultancy services in career development, counseling, student discipline formation, spiritual formation, sports development, cultural arts, student media, leadership formation, and community development
  • Engaging in meaningful collaborative partnerships with different sectors internal and external to the School to integrate student development programs and services
  • Empowering student affairs personnel to become faith-driven and service-oriented formators; and
  • Nurturing a learner-centered environment through efficient and quality student services and up-to-date facilities.


            Inspired by the Westmeadian Core Values of Faith, Service, and Communion in Mission