School of Economics, Business and Accountancy


The School of Economics, Business & Accountancy at Westmead aims to advance the economics, business, and accounting professions by providing quality education to both undergraduate and graduate students that will transform them into well-rounded managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. It is committed to providing an intellectually encompassing and comprehensive education which is relevant and current to meet the requirement of business industry in challenging international environment.

Goals & Objectives

WIS SEBA is committed to:

  • Prepare students for successful careers with increasing professional and managerial responsibility
  • Maintaining a dynamic teaching environment where relevant business and management theories and practical tools are imparted
  • Sustaining a learning environment that fosters critical analysis and creative thinking.
  • Experimental learning opportunities provide a foundation for students to take leadership roles in both public and private organizations.
  • A curriculum that emphasizes ethics, entrepreneurship, and global preparation