Westmead Hosts USCAA 18th Season

After months of anticipation, practices and hardwork, Westmead International School delivered an opening ceremony to remember for years to come. Thirteen (13) USCAA member schools  and two (2) guest schools joined this year’s season, represented by their athletes, muses, dancers and performers. Indeed, USCAA’s coming of age was welcomed with a bang!

Those who were fortunate to watch this much-awaited event were treated to a magnificent opening number by the WIS Dance Company. The performance was high-lighted by at least five (5) costume changes and a dancer hanging from a pole! Definitely,  a breath-taking performance by the WIS Dance Company.

The whole Westmead Family  were inundated by praises from the different schools, colleges and universities’ leaders who know how difficult it is to host the USCAA Opening Ceremonies.

Indeed, every Westmeadian  was in Cloud 9 which was further capped with the Westmead Basketball Team winning the first game against Colegio ng Lungsod ng Batangas.

Overall, August 20, 2014 would be a milestone in Westmead history. Our hearts were over-flowing with school pride long after everyone left the Coliseum. CONGRATULATIONS! Fly High WESTMEAD!